Steve Sanghi

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Up and to the Right

Steve Sanghi's "Up and to the Right" is a motivating testament to Microchip Technology's remarkable transformation.

About The Book

Steve Sanghi’s “Up and to the Right” is a motivating testament to Microchip Technology’s remarkable transformation. The book follows how, despite starting with losses of more than $10 million a year, they were able to build an impressive global revenue stream that has since surpassed $8 billion annually, along with a market capitalization above $43 billion dollars. While offering readers insight into his own inspiring story from rural India to a successful business leader in America, this absorbing account documents all the major challenges faced by him and his team during their journey toward success.

About The Author

Steve Sanghi

Steve Sanghi is a highly regarded business executive who served as the President and CEO of Microchip Technology for over three decades. During his tenure, he led the company through a significant transformation, enabling it to become a major player in the semiconductor industry. Today, Sanghi holds the position of Executive Chair, where he continues to provide invaluable guidance and leadership to the company. His remarkable contributions to the growth and success of Microchip Technology have earned him widespread recognition and respect within the business community.